PsychosisBank Membership

PsychosisBank is a joint contribution between DISCOURSE in psychosis and TalkBank. PsychosisBank materials are password protected and open only to members registered with PsychosisBank. Members should ideally be the most senior-ranking researcher who will have access to the data. Where possible, students seeking access to PsychosisBank data should do so under the direction of their faculty advisors.

In order to access PsychosisBank, please fill in this form. You can download it, complete it, and send it by email to

Once your access request form is reviewed, a description of the analyses that will be carried out and the expected output (i.e., a journal paper, a conference presentation, etc.) will be required. This should be consistent with the original ethics approval, and should not involve commercial implications.

We will reply to your request first through email and then through a brief phone call to review data confidentiality considerations.

PsychosisBank members must agree to these terms.

PsychosisBank members must also have received some accepted form of Human Subjects training. To complete this requirement, there are three options:

  1. Researchers at universities in the United States can obtain NIH certification through some system sponsored by their home university, such as the CITI program.
  2. Your country may offer some equivalent form of training, such as the Canadian CORE training. In that case, you can send us the certificate of completion of that training.
  3. If options #1 or #2 do not apply, NIH certification is available here at a cost of $64.95.

Once you have completed either one of these options, please send us a copy of the certificate of completion so we can keep it on file.